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letter to editor about community spirit

Click through logo to read letter to editor on newspaper website.

As the ghost writer for the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, I am often called up to draft letters such as this which give event sponsors and contributors some well-deserved press and informs the greater public of what occurred.

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facebook page management for chamber of commerce

Visit the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page to see my content creation skills.
Visit the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page to see my content creation skills.

I love living in Amesbury, Mass. It’s the best little city in New England, in my humble opinion. There’s so much character, history, culture, community pride and delicious food (oh, the food!).

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age-specific facebook entries to inspire bank’s fans

South Shore Bank's
South Shore Bank’s “Friday Financial Fix” posts for Facebook. Click through the image to read all posted to-date.

South Shore Bank of South Weymouth, Mass. wished to inspire its Facebook fans with age-specific tips of various money-related topics.

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weekly money tips for bank’s facebook fans

BankFive's Monday Money Tips for Facebook. Click through the image to read all.
BankFive’s Monday Money Tips for Facebook. Click through the image to read all.

To create more engagement with Facebook fans and simultaneously educate them, BankFive of Fall River, Mass. asked us to create weekly “Monday Money Tips.” I wrote the tips for the images and the image captions that usually asked fans to take some action, such as LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT or call BankFive.

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radio spots to educate people on money matters

BankFive’s “Money Minutes” Radio Spots Repurposed for ongoing use on Facebook. Click through the image above to see list of subjects and hear recordings.

For three years, BankFive of Fall River, Mass., ran weekly radio spots called “Money Minutes” on local stations to educate consumers and business owners on various money matters. I wrote all of the spots, and BankFive rarely changed a word.

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articles for community bank’s magazine

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 8.42.50 PM
Click through image to open PDF of Magazine.

This is one of many assignments I’ve done for Country Bank of Ware, Mass. through my association with McDougall & Duval Advertising. The bank’s magazine, “Our Community,” was published quarterly and mailed to more than 65,000 households in the region, and I’ve contributed to every issue over the last 3-4 years.

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press release for community event

Click through image to go to website of Newburport Daily News and read the press release, published nearly identical to what I wrote and submitted. This was one of many photos I snapped at the event and later used in the Chamber’s social media efforts.

Every PR pro’s dream is to have their words published without nary a change from the originally submitted press release.

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facebook slideshow about bank’s award program

Click through the image above to see the copy I wrote for this slideshow.

To generate awareness of BankFive’s Hometown Heroes Award program that recognizes local volunteers who quietly do work to benefit those in need, I was tasked with writing copy for a Facebook slideshow. The copy needed to describe the history of the program, the qualities of those recognized and how to nominate a Hometown Hero, all in a quick-hitting format. Click through the picture above to see the final product.

Work completed from home office as Freelance PR Specialist and Copywriter for McDougall & Duval Advertising.

Psst! I also wrote copy for the Facebook slideshow about BankFive’s mascot Nickels and the bank’s savings account, here:

Bank annual report in leadership transition year

Click through the annual report cover image to read the content in PDF format.

When North Middlesex Savings Bank was experiencing great change related to the retirement of some long-term bank leaders, the institution asked McDougall & Duval to create an annual report that would help communicate the changes and set customers’ minds at ease. Our team recommended a timeline theme to demonstrate the Bank’s deep roots in the community combined with content that would assure customers the Bank was still as strong as ever. In this annual report, I edited the client-supplied letters, chose the timeline components and wrote the biographies.

Assignment done as contracted copywriter for McDougall & Duval.

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