It recently occurred to me that I have an edge in Amesbury community relations. I manage or contribute content to the Facebook timelines of several Amesbury businesses.

With my admin status, I can easily build engagement with potential new fans by liking, commenting or sharing under each of my client accounts–thereby benefiting any post that I make on behalf of a client that is marketing itself to the Amesbury area.

To fully understand, you must be aware of the Facebook algorithm for what posts are seen in your newsfeed, or that of the company you represent. Though the algorithm frequently changes, the basics remain the same: the more often your post is liked, shared or commented on, the more people will see it. These people could be fans already, or friends of fans.

In other words, when I write a post for Client A, and like (or share, or comment on) that post as Client B (or C, D, E, F, G, or so on…), fans of the latter client(s) have a better chance of seeing that post–and hopefully being intrigued by it. The more those fans engage with Client A’s post or page, the better reach Client A has among those hopeful new fans (reached via Clients B, C, D, E, etc).

Here’s an example of everything being perfectly strategized:

Client A posts about an event.

Client B likes that event, and shares with its fans that it will be participating in the event–thereby increasing awareness of the event for Client A as well as its own benefit among Client B’s fan base.

Client C likes what Client B shared–thereby increasing awareness of the event even more widely among its page fans that sees the post in their newsfeed. Plus, Client C is building awareness of Client B, particularly if pages were tagged appropriately.

And so on, and so on….

By focusing my efforts on clients that reside and market to a relatively small region, I am able to provide this value-added service–simply with granted Facebook access.

Can I help you build Facebook engagement among local residents and businesses?