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The Amesbury Carriage Alliance sought to influence public opinion and a forthcoming city council vote regarding the development of the Lower Millyard area of Amesbury. They asked me to help with various communications pieces, which I was happy to do on a pro bono basis for this charitable organization.

As the city council vote drew near, things heated up in the press. When a very vocal resident sent a letter to the editor full of wrong information, Amesbury Carriage Alliance President Matt Sherrill asked that I ghost-write a letter in response on his behalf. Read that letter here.

Mr. Sherrill received much positive feedback on the letter and other pieces I wrote, including a survey, website copy and personal remarks, Mr. Sherrill and others on the Alliance committee believed my support helped to sway public opinion in our favor, despite abundant naysayers The city council later approved all Lower Millyard-related items on April’s agenda.

Work completed as a freelance public relations specialist, pro bono