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SME discusses changes to new quality management systems standard


Back in the early 2000s, I became somewhat of the the quality management systems (QMS) guru at Eric Mower & Associates while supporting the public relations needs of an international product testing company. Who would have thought I’d brush off that hat again for another client, 15 years later?

Now, supporting Strand Marketing from my home office, I have the pleasure of writing for KMC Systems, a well-established, medical engineering and contract manufacturing firm. My first assignment was this blog update about ISO 13485:2016, a QMS standard of which compliance is required for medical device manufacturers wishing to enter markets around the globe.




copywriting for glove box manufacturer


I’m revisiting my technical writing skills with Inert.

Earlier this year, I agreed to a monthly commitment to support Inert’s blog and public relations needs. After gaining input from Inert’s expert, I ghostwrite everything you find on the “What’s New?” page.

media relations for Amesbury Chamber of Commerce

I recently wrapped up a 2+ year contract where I provided diverse communications support to the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce. Among the many assignments, I was regularly tasked with crafting press releases we hoped would result in media coverage for upcoming events, and writing letters to the editor to thank the community for support of various happenings. Of course, the secondary objective of anything I wrote was to build upon the Chamber’s stellar reputation for well representing its members.

Read some of what resulted from my work, as published in the Newburyport Daily News. Heads Up: There’s a subscription required to read more than five online stories per month.

Letter Ghostwritten for Executive Director: Thanks for Taking Part in Ladies Golf Tourney

Letter Ghostwritten for Executive Director: Block Party Raises over $10,000 for Beautification Fund

Letter Ghostwritten for Executive Director: Thanks for Making Golf Tourney a Grand Event

Front Page Story Prompted by Press Release: Amesbury Makes Ambitious Plans for Museum, Community Center

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engaging restaurant management with Facebook

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.42.32 PM

When properly managed, Facebook can be a terrific resource to reach customers and potential customers. The key is well-balanced content, with just a bit of it being self-promotional and more being educational or informative. You may have heard this referred to as the 80/20 rule.

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maximizing Facebook in Amesbury

It recently occurred to me that I have an edge in Amesbury community relations. I manage or contribute content to the Facebook timelines of several Amesbury businesses.

With my admin status, I can easily build engagement with potential new fans by liking, commenting or sharing under each of my client accounts–thereby benefiting any post that I make on behalf of a client that is marketing itself to the Amesbury area.

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letter to editor for political endorsement

A photo I took at the Amesbury Anti-Bullying Symposium, with State Senator Kathleen O'Connor Ives and Rosey Werner in the center. Click through the photo to read the letter to the editor I wrote for Rosey.
A photo I took at the Amesbury Anti-Bullying Symposium, with State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives and Rosey Werner in the center. Click through the photo to read the letter to the editor I wrote for Rosey.

When Amesbury resident Rosemary Werner asks for help, anyone who knows her jumps at the chance because she is always doing so much for others, especially those less fortunate. After working with her on the Amesbury Anti-Bullying initiative, Be a Buddy, Not a Bully, she asked that I write a letter in endorsement of State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives who is running for re-election and had just participated in our Anti-Bullying Symposium, per Rosey’s personal request. I was happy to do so, pro bono, never thinking it might be shared by the Senator herself as part of a nice testimonial campaign on social media and her campaign website.

I know Rosey wouldn’t mind me sharing what I wrote for her. You can read the letter here:

Bank annual report in rebranding year

Click through the annual report cover image to read the content in PDF format.

After McDougall & Duval helped North Middlesex Savings Bank create an updated brand in 2013, the Bank wanted an annual report that communicated the reasons behind the changes. Moreover, it was important to demonstrate actual actions the Bank has taken to both represent the new image and benefit its customers. I was tasked to edit the executive letters and devise original content for the technology and branding sections. I’m told the client immediately approved all content, only noting a few necessary changes. What can I say??? I KNOW BANKS, after 10+ years of working with M&D’s clients.

Assignment completed from home office as freelance copywriter for McDougall & Duval.

letter to editor in thanks for shopping and eating local

Click through the image to read the letter to the editor on the website of the Newburyport Daily News.

After a successful holiday season in Amesbury, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Melissa Lachance asked that I pen a letter to the editor at the Newburyport Daily News in thanks for the community’s support. Though there were many different companies and people to thank, I made sure to also include some strategic phrasing to get the attention of readers who may not be familiar with Amesbury. After its publishing, it was greatly shared and liked on Facebook, thereby increasing its exposure exponentially.

Work completed from home office as ghostwriter for Amesbury Chamber of Commerce.

facebook page management for beauty salon

All About You--Page Insights
Click through the image to visit All About You’s Facebook Page.

I recently started managing the Facebook presence of an Amesbury beauty salon, All About You. I can only hope to continue achieving such great results as shown above!

Work done from my home office as a barter arrangement for my hair care.  Win-win!

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